Mayhem, chaos and sore glutes…

It’s the last day of school.  Give a little idea of why no blogging lately?

  • Soccer tryouts (for FALL) were Wednesday night….2 hours long…little girl and Mama enjoyed supper at 8 p.m.   OY!  Need to plan better!!!
  • Dunkin’ donuts stop yesterday morning for Munchkins since I didn’t make any “Birthday snack” for my summer birthday girl who asked (so sweetly I couldn’t say no) if we could bring something to share.  After soccer.  Good times.  The Munchkins were a hit though!
  • Made a quick batch of “Deliciousness:  melted butter and brown sugar poured over saltines with melted chocolate chips spread on top and then frozen” for my other daughter’s class.  EVERY.  ounce.  of.  willpower.  NOT to eat a huge piece myself!!!
  • We celebrated 18 years of marriage this week! (actually we have dinner plans in another week, but we celebrated with PB&J tea sandwiches and watermelon dinner since our band kiddo opted out of Awards at the last-minute and we were unprepared for dinner home!)
  • A childhood friend got great news on his post chemo lab work for his Leukemia:  ALL CLEAR!  Such awesome news!!!
  • Seriously hard boot camp/Cross Fit class last night.  Big mistake:  dinner prior to class.  Thankfully.  Only an hour-long.  Sitting may be optional later….I’ll be back Saturday morning!!

I’m the “Early girl” and need to get those kids moving!  Happy Summer Y’all!!!  Did I mention our garden is going nutso!!!  Tomatoes!!!

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