Speaking our mind

I find it amusing that we all complain and tout our right to freedom of speech and yet, when someone speaks against a belief of ours we are deeply offended, self-righteous and indignant calling them hate-mongers and so on.  I suppose we are supposed to all have the same beliefs?  Really?  Last I looked we are all different, brought up with different life experiences, background, parenting, religious beliefs or non-beliefs with society making its own impact on our thought processes as we age.  So, it is with MY own right to freedom of speech that I share with you the July 25 “National Eat at Chik-fil-A Day”. A day to applaud the Cathy family in their support of marriage and yes, even speaking out IN DEFENSE of THEIR beliefs of a traditional marriage.  Agree or don’t agree, that’s your right.  However, why should Dan Cathy be ostracized for espousing a view that is in line with his Christian beliefs?  I’ll go ahead and break the news if you aren’t already aware, Chik-fil-A is a Christian-based company.  Run by Baptists.  They are closed on Sundays.  They say, “It’s my pleasure to serve you.” when you pick up your meal.  If you are anti-Christian, don’t agree with their beliefs or a statement their COO made, then eat somewhere else.  No big deal.  Move on.  If everyone truly believes in freedom of speech, that comes with respecting the opposing view and understanding we won’t all change each other, however, we can agree to disagree.

So.  On that note, I’ll share this:

July 25 and August 1….if you’re interested and/or are close to a Chik-fil-A, if not you can go to any other fast food restaurant. It’s all good.

**and since there was no boot camp today, I was up early with time to blog.  woo hoo!

4 thoughts on “Speaking our mind

  1. yalandarose

    dan stated he supported the traditional Biblical marriage, that’s his preference. homosexuals support alternative marriage that is their preference. but as you said, freedom of speech is good until someone disagrees with the other.



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