Just another day…

Valentine’s day, meh.  We don’t really do it up here.  Usually just a little sweet token for everyone and the classroom valentine swap and that’s about it.  As Hubby says, “Everyday is Valentine’s Day around here!”, ummmm ok…….LOL!  In my younger years, I was pouty when I didn’t get my trinkets or sufficient sweetness, now it really is just annoying…I far prefer the little things, therefore agreeing with the Hubs (however, I always enjoy a sweet card and token of chocolateness)  :

  • Having the bed made for me every morning
  • Fish sticks and french fries ready after returning with the 13 yo from his RE class after Mass distribution
  • Coffee in the morning….in quiet
  • Prayers at night
  • Having the laundry done
  • Having the taxes done
  • Completing home projects

The list is endless, but my favorite thing is just being together, and that’s enough.  However, for good measure I like to throw a little sumthin’ sumthin’ out for the kids (and Hubby) in the morning for fun!! (plus the girls get out of bed REAL quick like when they realize there’s probably a little surprise at the table….)


IMG_3723Of course, then there is the story about the 13 yo who put himself in a conundrum with several girls-who-are-friends:  apparently, in past years, the school has sold roses for $1 on Valentine’s Day; he told several friends (who are girls) he would get them one.  Sadly, this year, they aren’t selling roses at school.  Therefore, last night, after ash distribution and RE class, he and I trekked it on over to Wally-world and purchased 2 dozen roses (his $$)…..yes, that’s right….2 DOZEN….. the kid promised 24 girls!!!!!!  he’d have roses for them.  Lord, help us.  Apparently SOMEONE is going to be the BMOC today…..



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