WIWS, short and sweet version.

Linking up at FLAP for the weekly “What I wore Sunday” meme.  Guess what?  I’m sporting a new shirt!  What the what?!?! BAM!

Plus I have to save my typing fingers for Conversion diary‘s blog challenge this week.  I’m a sucker for a challenge.WIWSDeets:

Shirt, Target (clearance rack)

Cardi, Kohl’s a few summers back

Capris, Kohl’s…awhile back

Shoes, IDK.  Old.  Love them.

Necklace, Mother’s Day gift seen HERE

**Don’t hate on the hair, I have already napped in these clothes.  And gone to a cheer meeting.  And the produce store.  It’s how I roll.  check in with the FLAP crew for more and better!

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