Circle of Life

Monday, the world celebrated the birth of the future King of England.  It was a joyous occasion and such a breath of fresh air from the usual putridness headlining the news.

Monday, one of my oldest friends lost her step-father after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

Circle of Life.  Womb to tomb.

Never did we hear of Kate and Will’s precious son in utero referred to as the “Royal Fetus”.  Nay, he was a babe from her first visit to the hospital with morning sickness.  Heart beating, limbs forming, world anticipating.

My friend’s step-father was lovingly cared for by his wife as his memory and recognition declined.  As he became weak and frail and non-communicative.  When he became bed-ridden and his body began to shut down.  She and Hospice attended to his needs, his comfort, his heart.  There was no talk of assisted suicide.  His children surrounded him with love and care (each dealing with grief in their own manner), however, as he peacefully passed from this life he was surrounded by his loving family.  Womb to tomb.  Dignity, grace and reverence.

Womb to tomb.  Circle of Life.

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