Day 2. Friends.

Day 2 of jumping in for the weeklong challenge with Jennifer and blogging posse.  As I logged on to my trusty laptop this morning….she wouldn’t start up.  UGHGHGHGHGH.  Finalllllly she did.  Now I am backing this baby up as soon as I post this.  Let’s all take a moment and pray for my computer, K?  Thanks.

Last week was a great week with lots of visitors, family and friends.  I told you about my sister’s visit HERE.    

The fun didn’t stop there though!

I had the great opportunity to meet (IRL) a blogger I follow, Circles in the Sand, as she and her family were here in our neck of the woods on vacation.  From Dubai.  She is a delightful gal from the UK, her Hubby is a pilot in the UAE.  I enjoy hearing her tales of parenting, life in Dubai and travels elsewhere.  She was a joy to meet and I felt like I was catching up with an old friend.

Bloggers IRL.  Photobombers and bunny ears are universal!

Bloggers IRL. Photobombers and bunny ears are universal!

Our boys were at sleepovers so Hubby and the girls came along for dinner.  There was no lull in conversation and she was completely easy to talk to and incredibly comfortable to be around.  Our girls adored the little guys with the English accents and enjoyed every moment of dinner and chasing them to and fro while the parents chatted.  (They are good little babysitters, keep that in mind should any of YOU venture my way…)

Silly kids

Silly kids

Our Hubbies were so sweet to humor the meeting of the bloggers.  Next time, perhaps Dubai?  😉

Hubbies rock!

Hubbies rock!

Now if that wasn’t already an awesome week of visiting, one of my oldest friends came to town and I met up with her and her mom for dinner at our favorite sushi spot.  Catching up, making the rounds of life, kids, hubbies, work and celebrity drama.  Three hours goes by far too quickly.

Only downside, I’m hungry for more friend time!!

IMG_4977 IMG_4981 IMG_4983

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