My Christmas gift to you: saving money, scoring deals

When my Hubs reads this he’s going to be all kinds of “you go, girl” and “preach, sister” because he LOVES when we opt for the thrift stores for some shopping time versus Kohl’s, Target and the dreaded Mall.  So far, our kids are all about it as well, although our non-shopper kid prefers eBay as his mode of picking and choosing….which is alright by me.  Not to say we don’t hit the aforementioned retailers from time to time, however, with 4 kiddos it’s really the best budget saver for us and we have had some amazing luck!  Truly.  I thought since it’s the 4th day of Christmas (depending on which tradition you go with) I’d give you 4 tips I’ve found useful in thrifting:

First, you need to get over the fact that they are previously owned and/or worn.  Once I got over the pride-factor, I realized EVERYONE gets bored with their wardrobe or grows out of it and there is some great stuff out there. Barely worn, tags on, it’s out there.  (BTW, if you’re clearing out your closet and think you might have some good stuff my size, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands.  Wink, wink!)

Second, take your time.  If you’re in a hurry it will be overwhelming and frustrating.  We only go when we’ve got nothing going on so we aren’t rushed.

Third, find some good thrift stores.  We’ve tried several and have narrowed it down to about 3 favorites with 2 others we check from time to time.

Fourth, go with a list.  For me, it helps to keep me from being overwhelmed if I’m looking for a specific item rather than getting sucked in by the pure volume of the stores.

Lastly, think of this as #5 if you want to consider this the 5th day of Christmas, online consignment.  Then you can still shop, pay FAR less and stay in your PJs.

In fact, today we checked out ThredUp for some denim jackets (which have been a non-find in the local thrift arena of late) and we checked out with 2 dresses and a denim jacket for $9.58.  Read it again.  3 items.  UNDER $10.  I know you are reading that and doing the math and saying, “Tracy, you are a big fat liar”.  Well, it IS post-Christmas and I have partaken of the goods, but liar…I am not.  Here’s the breakdown:

NY&Co Dress, Limited Dress, Gap Denim Jacket: $26.47

Minus $7.67 credit (from previously sent in items as an experiment)

Free Shipping and 35% off

Total:   $9.58

So, if you want to add some pieces to your wardrobe, are having a tough time finding a particular item or are just plain in the mood to shop on the cheap, join the thrifting arena OR check out ThredUp.    I’ve included the link for $10 off your first order below AND another coupon code good through 12/31/13 from Retailmenot if you’ve already shopped and just want some free shipping and 35%off…or maybe you can use them together, I’m not sure on that one.  So…there you go folks, enjoy and make good on that resolution to save more money in 2014.  Good luck and happy shopping!

Thred up:

Retail me not:

6 thoughts on “My Christmas gift to you: saving money, scoring deals

  1. Pat Gohn (@PatGohn)

    My thrift shop story…. I was driving to a speaking engagement about two hours from home. I was practically there when I realized I left my blazer (completing my outfit) hanging by the front door at home. It was too late to drive back and get it, and to go all out and pay mall prices ($100+) to duplicate a new blazer would be silly and a waste of money. You got it, I found the nearest thrift shop along my route – conveniently located off a highway nearby where I was taking a lunch break. Got a gently-used Coldwater Creek blazer for $30. Could have gotten a great sweater for $16 that went with the outfit, too, but I thought the blazer would serve my weekend plans better. Be not afraid: be thrifty!


  2. micaeladarr

    We love consignment shops. Much higher quality than the local thrift stores, and everything is better quality. They’re a little pricier, unfortunately, but still a huge discount off retail prices. I got 2 outfits each for all my four kids for Christmas and spent under $50. Yes, please!

    Thanks for the Thred up discount!


    1. tracye1 Post author

      One of our favorite stores is a consignment store and we generally have better luck for the girls there since our thrift stores are often lower on quality kid stuff. Like you said, it’s still WAY cheaper than retail!


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