2013 Photo-Palooza

It’s a linkup of photo fun with Dwija and her torpedo baby bump (cutest ever!)…13 in ’13.  I love looking at pictures and looking back on the year.  Looking forward to catching up with all these tomorrow a.m. with a big ole cup o’ joe!  (because these kids are forcing me to stay up until Midnight.  slave drivers, I say).

Here’s a smattering of 2013 in ’13 random-ish pictures.  Enjoy and then head on over to the House for some mo’.


was this ONLY last year? OMGeeee and now that 11 yo is taller than me!! Note to self in 2014: stop feeding these kids!


Trying out winter hats and wishing we had more than a day to wear them and 2 sleepy boys. What?


This guy. Does what he wants. Where he wants.


Date night. This guy. My heart. This year: 20 years.


This kid. His photo. Some years they morph into young adults right before your eyes. It was this year.


Another year for the yearbooks. Love them to the moon and back.


My mom. My sis. Girls night out. Love them!!!


Cheer comp. What? You’ve never been? hit me up, I’ll bring you next time. And earplugs.


Friends of my heart. Forever. If we could just bridge the miles….


I won this. He read this. Laughed out loud. All the way through. You will, too!


A little baseball with the fam in town.


Even the ELF knows. BCS prediction? Hoping this guy has the inside track!


More girlfriends. Same trip. Left with a full, happy heart. These pictures still make me smile!

May your 2014 be happy, healthy and full of life, love and happiness!

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