Wacky Wednesday

Back for more, I am a glutton for punishment for blogging 7 days in a row with the crew over HERE.

The day started out pretty well with full cooperation from the kiddos resulting in everyone INCLUDING me getting to our respective places on time.  Always a bonus!!  The work schedule was light in comparison to the last week or two.  I even made it to the gym at lunch time for a very good workout.  Then, the rain started.  We had an impromptu (and much-needed training session) at work.  Due to my training, my co-worker busted the patients in and out and stayed a half hour late.  Then I stayed a half hour late to put all the studies together and finish up the post processing on some of the exams.  I was so COMPLETELY engrossed in finishing and getting out that I totally FORGOT our son had a make up music lesson and I was on pick up duty.  A half an hour ago.  Rain.  Traffic.  Later than late.  Someone send me the Mother of the Year Crown, STAT!!!

The best part is that after I picked up our boy and we got gas (fumes will only get you so far), we had to stop and get bananas (we live in a house of monkeys and bananas are a staple we simply can not keep) but on arriving home……

DINNER WAS READY.  TABLE WAS SET.  And we ate as a family.   A little late.  It was hot.  It was good.  We were together.  It was still raining.  It didn’t matter.

Onward Thursday!!


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