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Wacky Wednesday

Back for more, I am a glutton for punishment for blogging 7 days in a row with the crew over HERE.

The day started out pretty well with full cooperation from the kiddos resulting in everyone INCLUDING me getting to our respective places on time.  Always a bonus!!  The work schedule was light in comparison to the last week or two.  I even made it to the gym at lunch time for a very good workout.  Then, the rain started.  We had an impromptu (and much-needed training session) at work.  Due to my training, my co-worker busted the patients in and out and stayed a half hour late.  Then I stayed a half hour late to put all the studies together and finish up the post processing on some of the exams.  I was so COMPLETELY engrossed in finishing and getting out that I totally FORGOT our son had a make up music lesson and I was on pick up duty.  A half an hour ago.  Rain.  Traffic.  Later than late.  Someone send me the Mother of the Year Crown, STAT!!!

The best part is that after I picked up our boy and we got gas (fumes will only get you so far), we had to stop and get bananas (we live in a house of monkeys and bananas are a staple we simply can not keep) but on arriving home……

DINNER WAS READY.  TABLE WAS SET.  And we ate as a family.   A little late.  It was hot.  It was good.  We were together.  It was still raining.  It didn’t matter.

Onward Thursday!!


List making goes Techno!!

OK.  I am a list maker.  And I LOVE to check things OFF my list….it makes me feel so accomplished!  I’ve been making them forever and like Kate Wicker, I remember putting “shower” on my list when my kids were small so that I could remind myself that I DID actually DO a lot during the day.  I still make lists, however, with 4 kids getting older and into more activities, additional schedules to juggle, school and sport fees to pay, work schedules, things to be done around the house, etc, etc, etc….(I’m sure you have a similar “list-issue” in your house) it gets quite boggled and I’ve lost SEVERAL lists which does NADA as far as list-productivity goes, so it was with great curiosity I read Dorian Speed‘s article on Catholicmom.com regarding EVERNOTE.  At first, I didn’t quite “get it” and how I would or could use this app.  However, I downloaded it to my MacBook and my phone and let me just say, Holy!!!  Cow!!!  This thing rocks.  Here are a few examples why I find it incredibly useful, maybe you’ll be a convert, too!

  • The app communicates between your PC/Mac/phone, whatev…..if you make a list or tag an article on your home computer and you are away from home, it’s on your phone!  And vice versa.  Ask yourself how many times you’ve “left it at home”.  Too many times to count for me.
  • You can make a list and edit it….
  • You can take a picture and that can be your list
  • You can make folders of lists…..disclaimer here…..I haven’t used this YET, but feel certain I will….Each kid needs their own folder as well as Hubby and I!
  • There’s a cutie little app called Skitch that can be used as well with it…a photo app for screen savers, however, I’ve yet to give it the patience it needs to figure it out…it’s a fun thing, not as much a productivity thing…plus I don’t do a ton of screen savers anyhoo..

A few of the things that have come in handy FOR ME on Evernote that have helped me tremendously:

  • Putting in each boy’s class schedule and teacher for quick access if I need to communicate with the school as well as their Alpha codes
  • A picture of the school calendar to keep track of days off, holidays and early release days….I know, I know, just put it in the calendar…which I do, but I always seem to MISS something somewhere…it’s a cross-check
  • Pictures of freezer recipes for the week.  This made making the grocery list WAAAY quicker  since I didn’t have to flip through the mag to find them, but could just scroll through and find my recipes and ingredients!
  • Soccer schedule and fee calendar, getting those checks in on time….
  • Cheer schedule and snack list—-don’t want to forget MY day for frozen grapes—(next game), lest those cheerleaders be snack-less.

I haven’t convinced my Hubby to use it yet, however, he’s more of a touch it once and deal with it kind of person and I’m a write it down, ponder it, get back to it kind of person.  On the plus side, I’m losing FAR less lists and on Day 2 of school when our sweet 7th grader couldn’t quite remember his class schedule, I just copied it and texted it to him.  Sweeeeeeeet!!!