5 things I love about Spring Break

It’s Spring Break in our neck of the woods and as I type the heat is kicking and yesterday I layered my scrubs for work.  What???  Anyhooo….at least we have no white stuff on the ground and it should be super awesome this weekend, just in time for all kinds of festivals and such.  Winding up our spring break, I thought I’d jump in with Hallie and company with my 5 favorites this week regarding spring break and our kids getting older:

  1. The only person I have had to haul out of bed this week and get ready was ME.  I can’t tell you the joy I have when my kids can sleep in with no agenda.  So refreshing.  (not to be confused with summer break when I am in total resentment mode by month 2 of “sleeping in”)
  2. Everyone is getting older and thus far (still 2 days left) have managed to keep themselves occupied and actually get along.  Fishing, work, bike riding, roller blading, friends.
  3. I have not had 10,001 phone calls at work about:  I’m bored, so and so is staring at me, I’m hungry, I’m bored, I’m bored.  Truly.
  4. Our oldest cooked the ENTIRE dinner one night.  I swear I though I was on vacation.  THE.  BOMB.
  5. I have had a friend who is a SAHM take the girls one day to occupy her little (as well as take ownership of ALL our baby dolls and accessories…win-win) and she is taking our youngest again today.

There is hope for the summer.  Although, I am most definitely taking some time off in the summer since I didn’t have that luxury for Spring Break.  Now off to work I go……Have a super day and go check out Hallie!  (her number 4 is so fantastic)!

a little #TBT for you....oh I miss those squishy legs and toes and post bath bliss.  these kids=my heart

a little #TBT for you….oh I miss those squishy legs and toes and post bath bliss. these kids=my heart

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