Summer. It’s here.


Stepped out on the back porch this morning:  6:30 a.m. and it’s 74 degrees and an accompanying 93% humidity.

Lord, have mercy.

Summer is here.

Not a shocker, though.  It is mid-May and that’s how we roll.  The thunderstorms should be rolling in any time.  Hopefully not before our youngest has her final elementary school field trip to see the local baseball team play.

Ah well, this is when I am oh so grateful for a job inside with A/C freezing us out.

This is why I am so grateful for Hubby’s job commuting 3 days a week instead of slinging concrete and laying curbing all day.

This is why I am grateful to have started swimming in lieu of running…..although it will be cancelled due to thunderstorms today.

The seasons of life, right?

Well.  Welcome summer.  Time to bust out sprinklers, popsicles, sunscreen and beach paraphernalia.  It’s going to be a hot one!



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