School situations and changes..

Homeschool? Private? Suck it up at sucky public school?  All options we will be likely weighing over the next few weeks or months.  I know, “Do not worry about tomorrow….”.  Got it.  BUT…..what’s the difference between worry and pre-planning?  There is a good chance that due to a house sale our kids will lose the address that keeps them all in schools we have been happy and lucky with.  Except for our rising 9th grader who will keep his school due to the academy  he is in next year.

So our choices are:

  • suck it up for the schools we will be zoned for.  even though the middle school is NUMBERO UNO on the “Top 25 Incidents” in our area and the ONLY one with gang related activity (reported anyway).
  • find the funds for private.  right.  let me run out and check the garden to see if that lettuce is growing some Benjamins.
  • homeschool.  at this level.  I don’t even know if I’m capable.

So.  Just pray.  Chime in if you got some ideas.  I’m allllllllllll ears!

3 thoughts on “School situations and changes..


    You ABSOLUTELY could home school =) … and I will be on the sidelines cheering you on!! =)


  2. Suzette

    I think they might enjoy the independence of home school. I begged my momma to let me home school my senior year of high school. Sadly, we couldn’t agree on it but God be praised as you discern!!


  3. kalamitykelli

    More than 1/2 the states now have free online school grades Kindergarten through 12th – check and see if your state has a program like that! My daughter is beginning to have the same fears as you. I wish I had an answer for both of you!



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