Does Google Earth freak anyone else out besides me?  The street view is kind of neat and all and comes in handy when looking for someplace when traveling but I find it completely creepy that the Google car can drive by when you are mowing your lawn (looking at you Hubs) and snap, preserved for posterity.  So, I really jumped all over this link a while back  (since I am stealing Hubby’s computer for a few hours and cleaning up my “drafts”)  I thought I’d throw it out there in case it’s not just me.  It worked for me when I initially logged in and followed directions, so if the you are creeped like I am you might want to follow the link and blur out your house from the street view also.

hiding your house


2 thoughts on “Hide

  1. Beth Anne

    I saw a movie a few years ago and there was this awkward teenager in this family and his life dream was to find the “google earth camera car” and be in a picture on google earth 🙂
    I get like you it’s creepy and cool all at the same time……..



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