The Real Valentine’s Day

Happy Post Valentine’s Day to you.  Yes, the day that is so hyped and marketed deep in our psyche that if we don’t celebrate ON.  THAT.  DAY.  then….then…..then….I don’t know.  The sadness.  The bitterness.  The blah, blah, blah.  Now listen, I like a pretty little card and chocolate like everyone else, but I’d rather have a little something more substantial all year-long than a dozen roses  that waste our hard-earned money and die within the week.  Ya know?

Our day went like this:  Up at 6 and the Hubs had my card and Reese’s peanut butter treats in my coffee mug waiting for my shuffle out to the kitchen.  Now, to be duly and fairly noted…….I had NO card out for him (or the kids).  He beat me to the punch.  AND, he had cards and chocolate for our girls.  Be still my heart.  I was more warmed by the sight of THEIR cards from their dad…..their FIRST valentine.  Dads, those little girls need to know you love and adore them….early  on and often and during those tween and teen years even more, because if you don’t….they’ll look elsewhere.  So the fact that he loves our girls so deeply and openly just makes me love him more.

After coffee, it was basically a day of splitting up the parental duties and taxi deliveries of children  with one at all day music competition and the others spread about town with activities mingled with household chores of groceries and laundry.  I didn’t see any Valentine day cards paying homage to that!

By 5 o’clock the Hubs and I had the house to ourselves, enjoying our coffee and relaxing before we headed to our neighbor’s for our monthly(ish) supper club.  Thanks to Publix, our contribution of dessert was a breeze and it was a completely relaxing evening complete with a “newlywed game” Q&A round that brought lots of laughter, good-hearted ribbing and an opportunity to learn more  about each other as couples and friends.

Wrapped it up with the re-rounding of kids (2 volunteering at the church for the KofC Valentine’s dance) and one on a date…..the oldest brought himself home after a skate-filled day.

And really, I just think this was one of the best Valentine’s Days ever.  A day in the life of trying to live and love purposefully in spite of the everyday busy-ness of life.  It’s all good.

And, it should be duly noted…..that I did manage to pull it together for Hubby to finally get his card….and the kids!!


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