On the lighter side…

To lighten things up….a little fashion PSA for you.  Although, generally I am NOT your go to person for all things fashion, I may be a little late to the party on this one, but sharing anyway!!

Nail talk.  I am blessed with good nails.  (thanks, Mom).  I even have to chop them down about once a month because when they get long, I can’t type well at work.  But they are strong.  And I love polish.  BUT…..since I wash my hands a million times a day it’s useless to paint them due to peeling within a day and then they look like crud.

I love a pedicure but am fairly convinced that I picked up a fungus at one pedicure that is just now growing out and therefore I’d rather paint my tootsies at home.

And the time.  Personally, I just don’t enjoy giving up the half hour or hour in the nail salon.

Enter gel paint.  I’ve been fascinated at the lasting power on friend’s nails with the gel, but haven’t wanted to purchase the light and all that. Too much hassle.  Then I heard that OPI has a no-light gel system.  Since I love me some OPI (and totally not sponsored BTW), I headed to ULTA to scope it out.

Here’s the down low:

  • A little more expensive than the usual OPI (about 12.50 a bottle).
  • There’s a base primer and a top coat/lacquer
  • There weren’t a ton of colors (but then OPI does color seasons…so you just stock up and roll with it)
  • I did two coats on my daughter, one coat on myself
  • I should have done two coats, but it’s a beige color so it doesn’t look bad at all, but after looking at her nails, two would have been better
  • I’m curious if a regular OPI color will hold up with the base and top coat the same, so yes, that’s next on my agenda to try it out
  • I haven’t take it off yet, but it will take a bit of extra effort and time
  • I’m going on day 3 and looking fabulous.  even after house cleaning, dishes and laundry

There you have it!


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