I stabbed my husband

In the ear.  With my thumb nail.  Going to give him a hug.  It bled.  True story.

I have also elbowed him in the eye.  In bed.  Rolling over to give him a hug.  Another true story.

I have stepped on him while he was icing his back.

Tripped over his feet.

Mom, you should have named me Grace.

Tonight I spilled my entire glass of water at dinner.  Right onto his placemat.  Fortunately, it was a lovely evening and we were eating outside so most of it went through the table.  We just laughed.  And our girls?  Didn’t even bat an eye.

Why am I blogging about this?  Because someone, somewhere might really need a laugh and I offer you my clutziness.



1 thought on “I stabbed my husband

  1. patti

    Hysterical! Apparently I’ve passed on one of my many Wonderful traits to you..klutzeness!!! Lol & poor Craig! Xoxo



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