We all need a little more good Samaritin

In the wake of last week’s tragedies and the terrifying level of unrest and chaos that has followed, I’ve just been processing and re-processing the events but mostly just in the way we all respond.  I’ve seen several friends just step away from social media to get a break from all the negativity and turmoil.  Others spouting crazy and radical views, but most are just trying to focus on trying a little harder to love each other.

And that is hard.

But not impossible.

Sunday’s Mass gospel (Luke 10:25-37) focuses on the story of the good Samaritan, who of the 3 men who pass by a battered man on the roadway is the least likely to help…..they are different religions, races and hated by one another and yet, this is the man that lends the healing hand.  All other things are cast aside and the Good Samaritan only sees another human in need and does what he can to help the man.  This.  This is what we need in our country and neighborhoods and homes, right now.

We don’t get to choose our skin color.

We don’t choose what country we are born into.

We don’t choose our family.

We can choose what we do with our skin color, our country, our family.

We can choose how we treat one another.

A little more good Samaritan.


1 thought on “We all need a little more good Samaritin

  1. Tamm

    Amen Trace…I don’t know when and how it has become so hard just to be a good person and love each other. I have never felt so divided and it makes me so sad.



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