Another summer bites the dust

Monday our kids start school.  Officially bringing the summer of 2016 to an end.  With it starts a new season in our household.  With our oldest graduating this past year and starting the electrical academy at the end of the month that leaves us a Junior in high school.  A FRESHMAN in another high school.  And our ‘last year of middle school’ 8th grader bringing up the rear!!

There have already been changes.  For instance, going to uniforms in public school this year—can I get a YAHOO and an AMEN!??!!?!?!?  Seriously, good stuff.  So, school shopping was really quite easy breezy, thank you Old Navy online.  Aside from a few hours with my youngest just grabbing a few school supplies, shoes and essentials, I really was minimally involved.  Except for providing cash.  Of course.  One day, our Junior even took his sisters to the mall.  And home.  Again.  No involvement by the Hubs and I.  Weird.  And wonderful.  I just don’t really love shopping.  I shop for purpose and I like to get in and get out.  Perhaps I’m kook, but that’s ok.  I had my mall days and I think I overdosed on them, so now…it’s all function for me, which is not so fun for our little mall-loving teenagers.

Orientation and schedule pick up.  Again.  ZERO involvement.  Only because our Junior does his own deal.  I mean he better start practicising now or he’s in trouble in a couple of years.  Our middle schooler caught a ride to morning schedule pick up with her friend since she had cheer in the evening.  And ditto to our Freshman:  went with her friend and caught a ride home with our neighbor.  Bliss. Meanwhile, I dropped in to Target to grab a new water jug and black t-shirt for our cheerleader.  Alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being part of our kiddos’ school life and extracurriculars to a point.  Volunteering when convenient and supportive always to their endeavors.   But they are getting older and it is a blessing to see them spread their little wings.  Bittersweet, but a good bittersweet.  Truly.  The ebb and the flow of life.  Today, it’s a good place, but soon enough I’ll see all the pics of my friends college kiddos off to school and I’ll be on the other side of that ebb and flow.  Right now I’ll enjoy this side.  Next week will begin everyone’s new schedule and that always takes me about two weeks to wrap my head around and get my own schedule re-routed.

This weekend hopefully we will be able to make family dinner happen and chat about what lies ahead for the school year.  Lunches will be packed.  Laundry folded and put away.  Backpacks organized and neat.  Bedtime on time.  Waking up shiny and happy.  I mean….you gotta take advantage of the early days of school before the novelty wears off and they are dreaming of summer again!!

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