What’s next?

This morning I had the privelege to start my day with my Director, mentor and friend at a breakfast meeting followed by a talk given to Daytona State College students and community members by Lucas Daniel Boyce, author of Living Proof.  What a story.  I will do him a great injustice by attempting to retell his story (just ask my Hubby who got the Cliff’s notes version over dinner), but what I will say is if you read his book and you aren’t motivated, you must be dead.

I’ve been mulling over his talk all day in fascination of his life, what could have been for a poor black boy in the foster system and what came to be.  A true example of what amazing things encouragement, faith, and perseverance can bring about in life. Encouragement and love by a family who adopted several children (11?) in addition to their own 4.  A family who took in the babies wracked by the drugs in their system from addict mothers, spina bifida, mentally delayed and loved them.  Faith that our God is an awesome God and with trust in Him, His guidance and His protection there is nothing we cannot do.  Perseverance in going the distance to reach goals, that in the eyes of the world, are highly improbably of attaining.

God is good.  God is faithful.  He wants us all to succeed.  We have all the tools we need; our job is to pick them up and use them.

Today I had a jolt of motivation by the kid who repeated Kindergarten to graduating as Valedictorian in his high school class.

What’s next for you?


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