We wait

4th Sunday of Advent.  So exciting!!  Mass this morning was a little like purgatory, just seemed a little chaotic and OFF and the music minister just really enjoys playing ALL the verses for the songs—I love music, but it should ACCOMPANY  the Mass and be a lovely accessory to the Main show….you know,  the Eucharist.  However, we live in an imperfect world and sometimes just have to get through that and be PRESENT for Mass and put aside the human shortcomings–especially our own.  End result, God is good.  And so we wait in joyful anticipation for Emmanuel–God is with us.

The rest of the day was just peaceful puttering and gentle preparation for Christmas.

We watched a little bit of Elf this afternoon.  Hubby hates it and was gone, but we love it so it was ON!

We also put the ornaments on the tree.  It’s been up since Thanksgiving weekend with only the lights and the angel and one lone ornament and it’s been nice and simple and we’ve fully enjoyed it.  But it’s always fun to put the ornaments on and go through them, each one bringing back memories and seasons.  The girls put them on, I only repositioned a couple and rescued one from the dog.

Our newest ornament and memory from vacation this summer!

A reminder that friends are the best!  

Years of an annual ornament exchange with my dear friend continue to add to our collection with several of these beauties!  She has EXQUISITE taste!

Hubby actually did our Christmas letter this year, so I stuffed ’em up and they are ready to go in the mail tomorrow!

Last night we went to a friend’s house for a Christmas party.  We brought dessert.  We also brought a large portion home because SO.  MUCH.  FOOD.  Sadly, I didn’t take a before photo, but please know that I say this in the most humble manner possible:  I completely nailed this one.  Chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache topping.  So.  GOOD.

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent!!

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