This summer, due to the Hubs ability to work remotely, our vacation began a little differently.  Hubby and the three youngest “kiddos”, an extra “kiddo” and our dog, left for the Granite State a week ahead of me.  With three drivers and shift rotation they decided to drive straight through.  24 hours.  Fortunately they made this decision without my presence, AKA fretting and freaking.  However, His grace is endless and in His mercy they arrived safe and sound with an additional day to enjoy thanks to adrenaline, excitement and youth!  Nevermind that poor Mama lost a night of sleep checking the GPS and Hail Mary-ing between nap segments.

My week plugged along as usual and not.  Work as usual during the day.  But in the evening…….  Not cooking.   Not cleaning.  And with our oldest son working out of town all week–not talking.   It was a strange and lovely foray into hermit-hood and I was over it by Wednesday.  Also, oddly refreshed.

Friday night I had the 11 o’clock Adoration hour for my Hubby.  I was able to take a short nap and had coffee so I was wide awake.  Until 1:30 a.m.  At which point I had a dream that I missed my 4 a.m. shuttle to the airport.   At 3:15 a.m. I turned my alarm off and the dream ALMOST became a reality as I pulled into the lot with 47 seconds to spare as the driver put my luggage in, closed the door and the other 4 travelers and I were off.  Can you say PHEW!!

Lo, but there was more excitement to be had with 2 hours to kill and a spot staked out 10 feet in front of my gate, I snuggled into my travel pillow and book.  Somewhere around 20 minutes to take-off I decided it would be a good opportunity to use the facilities before boarding and once again ALMOOOOOOOOST missed my travel arrangements.  Somehow missing the boarding call(s) and managed to obliviously and breezily check in just as they shut the doors behind me.

If you know me, you will know this is EXTREMELY out of character Let’s just chalk it up to sleep deprivation and rejoice that what ALMOST was, never was!!

Onward….New Hampshire!!


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