annnnnnnd Pivot*

You know, life has a way of pretty consistently changing things up.   Have you noticed that?  I am finding one of the things I am actually enjoying about getting older is recognizing that this IS life, change is constant and learning how to pivot* a little more gracefully with some of the changes.  (confession:  this is a lifelong lesson and there are times there is much less grace on the pivot….more like digging heels into sand and being dragged—but the point is I RECOGNIZE this)

A few months ago when my life pivoted unexpectedly at work I came home and took a day to throw a little private temper tantrum and pity party with the Hubs (bless him) and then put on my big girl pants took the hit and moved into a job that has allowed me time to lick my wounds and do what I do best while enjoying some extra time at home and learning to trust in the waiting and as Tom Petty said, “the waiting is the hardest part”.   However, in learning how to lean into the waiting instead of fighting it and enjoying where I am RIGHT NOW, I have found a lot of peace.

Once I found that peace in my new place a very unexpected change presented itself for my career.  A position that I have long known I was ready and qualified for opened up.  With the Hubs encouragement to reach out and go for it, I did.  The kicker was that I was mentally ok with it going either way…..I was in the groove in my job OR I was ready for the very challenging and exciting possibility of moving into this new position.  I took my time to write out my thoughts and vision for this opening and presented them at my interview and again at my second interview.  After a long weekend, I was offered the job.  Which I readily accepted.

Once again I pivot.  I start in a few weeks and that’s a good thing because I have so many ideas, thoughts and visions I need to timeline them and reign myself in so that I don’t completely overwhelm everyone once I come in.

Next season in life, here I come!!

Until then………I am halfway through my 2nd #Whole30 and about to grab that tiger blood!!!  I’ve enjoyed it so much more this round….more prepared with recipes and meal plans, mentally prepared for what the 30 days brings as I detox from my sugar dragon and most importantly prepared with a plan for AFTER this re-boot!

And now, I have clothes that need to be put away so that I can sleep in my bed and PJs that are calling my name.

Have a great weekend!

*pivot:  a term I picked up and loved from Greg and Jennifer Willits’ podcast:  Adventures in Imperfect Living

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