Sweet, sweet, Summer

Our oldest daughter had a hankering for sunflowers so she and Hubs planted two rows at the beginning of the summer and man, oh,  man do we have some beauties to behold.  I am torn between cutting them and putting them into vases or just leaving them there to enjoy.  We have done the latter.  For now.

This has been a truly odd summer.  Not in a bad way, but this is the first summer that the reality of our growing family spreading their wings is in full effect.  Our oldest son moved out May and our youngest son stayed at school for the summer to work–so we are down to our girls.  Who are both driving and pretty much only home to sleep, shower,eat and work.  They are sleeping when I leave in the morning and I’m sleeping when they come in at night.  I cook about three times a week and eat cereal on nights I go to yoga and leftovers and a dinner out pretty much sustain Hubs and I.  It’s a season of change.  It’s not bad, but it is taking some getting used to.  I thought I’d be more melancholy, and here I am mostly accepting things, trying on our new normal and loving it when any of our kids are home.

Just like those sunflowers.  I really want to put them in a pretty vase and keep them close, but they are at their most splendid when I let them be.

Happy Summer.

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