The road to happiness


This idea of renouncing our worldly comforts goes against our consumerist brains in a painful and fearful manner.  However, let us look at a few things outside of the realm of “wealth and riches” to get a glimpse of life without a focus on materialistic desires—and let us imagine letting go of our riches so that we may enter heaven.

Don’t we all, at some point, crave the down time of solititude, sitting small and enjoying a gentle breeze in our society of more, bigger, faster ?  Lying in a field under a clear blue sky, light breeze, sunshine keeping the chill at bay, dogs wrestling at the the end, music playing softly—much preferred to a loud, crowded, stifling throng of people in a festival atmosphere, right?

Where money can buy convenience, take you wherever you want to go, it is still the simplest things in life that bring the most joy: a walk on the beach as the sun comes up over the ocean, clean sheets pulled from the clothesline on a sunny day,  a kind word for no particular reason.

When we cling to the material ideas of the world as our road to happiness and joy, our hands are too full to accept all Jesus has to offer.  Letting go of “things” that twist our focus and priorities allows us to experience a deep, content faith, seeking Christ and ultimately a place in heaven.

What are we holding on to that keeps us from receiving true happiness?

Lord, help us to let go of the world’s idea of happiness and joy and let us receive all that you have to offer in eternal happiness.

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