FEB 22

Haven’t we all had a teacher who made a subject come alive for us? Their excitement and passion about geometry/chemistry/English literature brought forth a tangible understanding of that subject so that we shared that excitement, engaging and hungering to learn more. Those subjects then became a foundation, rock solid, for additional growth throughout life.

Sometimes, however, even with a phenomenal teacher, extra tutoring is needed. A deep dive into a problem helps us to grasp understanding with both hands so that we own that knowledge.

I think Jesus was that phenomenal teacher to his disciples and still had to make those deep dive discussions so that their comprehension and ownership of the faith was all-encompassing.

The disciples didn’t fully understand all that Jesus taught them. Until they could grasp the faith that Christ taught, and allow it to permeate their heart to it’s core, how could they effectively share that faith? Jesus had to remind the disciples of the gifts they were given, and that they were fully prepared for the journey He was sending them on. Once the disciples fully embraced the truth, then they were ready to share the faith with others—passionately, tangibly, fully alive.

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