Living la vida

I’m halfway through my assignment and receiving a lot of communication from recruiters looking to place me for my next assignment. It’s interesting to look at different areas of the state and throw my hat in the ring for the open positions and see what comes back. A little overwhelming at times to remember which agency is tied to a specific assignment to make sure I don’t have two agencies submitting for the same job and then interviewing and W.A.I.T.I.N.G. It really is the hardest part. Tom Petty wasn’t wrong.

Yesterday I was contacted for a job that wasn’t even on my radar and I had an initial discussion today, next steps formal interview (or two). Interesting. Very interesting! We shall see what God has in store for the future… the meantime…..I wait. UGH

It’s been an enjoyable week at home, productive and relaxing as well as enjoying our parish’s Lenten mission this week with Monsignor Liam Bergin from Boston College.

Tomorrow I head back and pray the traffic is kind to me to and fro. Last week I ran into a fatal wreck that re-routed me home, turning a 2 hour trip into a 4-hour trip. I did my best to try and keep perspective and remember that someone WASN’T making it home, but man. My body was TIRED!!

Happy to report that I am refreshed from some beach time, LONG OVERDUE friend time and self care. Hope to hit a repeat again this week!!

Blessings and enjoy my “bird themed” pics this week!

Beach time
Winter time=lots of birds chillin’ on the beach
This guy’s “hair”. I can’t. He was the coolest.
3 of the many New Smyrna roosters—these guys started following me—I picked up the pace!!
A Lenten quote I loved this week.

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