Lighthouses and lobstAH

Now that we are settled in for a bit, we are working on visiting some friends and family along with checking out cool places (Boston and NYC, we are coming for you!). This week Hubs traded a weekday for Saturday on one of my days off and we ventured to Portland, ME to visit some friends from Florida (lucky snowbirds). The weather shifted into full fall temps and I never took off my sweater and had my jacket on standby, which I never used, but better to have and not need…….. zero complaints, ZERO.

We checked out multiple lighthouses along the coast. I won’t try to give you a history lesson, but I will provide some links which will be far more accurate than my attempt at historical accounting.

Something about the beach, no matter where you go, it never disappoints. Our day was bright blue sky and breezy/windy (depending on where you were) and the rocky coastline, choppy seas, Navy jets flying over on practice runs (I hope) were just breathtaking. It was low tide when we were on the beaches and it is hard to imagine high tide much less angry seas in the midst of a Nor’easter but I can imagine that it is beautifully magnificent in an entirely different way.

Lunch on the water at a local marina restaurant, Salt Water Grille was a highly anticipated (and not disappointing) lobster (lobstah) roll and cup of corn chowder (chowdah). So good. So good. Our friend had fish tacos which are generally my go to and he enjoyed them (his wife also had the lobster roll). Did I mention how delicious the lobster rolls were?

The downtown section of Portland was a great spot to stretch our legs after lunch and sightseeing. Main Street pier, Old Port, cobblestone alleys leading to shops, restaurants and bars. Had to do a little shopping—a few kitchen items at Leroux and a coffee mug and magnet—restrained shopping. But we did drool a bit over the bags at Sea Bags and may have to revisit them for a Christmas gift or two. Old sails turned into bags of all shapes, sizes. They are pricey and we have a lot of bags, soooooooooooooo. We’ll see.

We also had a driving tour of Cape Elizabeth as well as lots of the streets in and around Portland from our friends. Beautiful area and we will definitely be back to visit, eat, shop and enjoy! I mean, the holidays ARE coming!

Two lights lighthouse near the state park. Along with the rocky coast, there were plenty of beach rocks and seaweed and water that was way too cold to even investigate!
Also at Two Lights beach
The other side of the rocky cliff from Two Lights beach (previous pic)
Bug Light and passing ferry
Cobblestone alleys of Portland

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