High Hurricane Season

In my last post, I waxed on about my love for October and the gift of weather change. The downside to that (in Florida) is this time period is infamous for pretty strong weather, i.e. hurricanes. This year was Ian. Much like our first-born, this storm was a force.

Our neighborhood, like many, experienced historical flooding (in non-flood zone areas) and our home took on some water. We are fortunate enough that our home is livable and many in our neighborhood, town and state are not as fortunate. Our COVID reno of ‘20 is about to get an update with new flooring, replaced drywall, painting and some kitchen cabinet and counter top replacement. It will be interesting to see how long it takes, but again, so minor in comparison to so many who were hit so much harder.

Before we left for New Hampshire, we had a meeting with the kids reviewing all things “house-y” and “adult-y” and hurricane prep was among the many topics. I am so grateful for that conversation because those kids were prepped!

End of the day. It’s all stuff. I’m heading down for hugs and quality time with the kids and my fam for a few days. Assess the house, help formulate a plan for the next few months as the kids live among the renovation, order cabinets, flooring and carpet and move forward. It’s all good.


Parts of our neighborhood
The first debris pile
A bird’s eye view from our lineman son at work post-Hurricane Ian

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