I have anticipated this moment from the second we knew we were heading to New Hampshire. SNOW! I purchased my big, long, warm Land’s End coat, snow shoes, variety of socks, leggings and so on. Well. This week, it finally happened and I am ready to report on my experience.

The day before it snowed, I tried out my big coat; I was so warm. In just a T-shirt and leggings underneath, I was almost too warm—and it was 19degrees!! I have full faith this jacket will run the victorious race once “real winter” arrives.

So. First legit snow day and we had about 1-2” depending on where you were standing. It snowed during the night and we woke to a blanket of pure white—it was so pretty. I hated to go out and ruin the perfect canvas, but we have a doggo so out we went.

Bandit was a hoot. Sniffed, pawed, dug a bit. And then Zoomies were activated. This is great news for our short-haired FL dog. I went ahead and ordered him a 2nd sweater though, for “real winter”.

By the time I had to go anywhere, the roads were plowed and salted and driving was easy—although I did go slower than usual and this week we will put on snow tires, which will give me some more peace of mind.

We did take a walk and honestly, it was comfortable. I was layered (tshirt, long shirt, hoodie and rain coat—which is amazing at blocking wind and fleece-lined leggings under some long pants) with hat and gloves and it was awesome. Crisp. Glorious. These are good test days, boding well for skiing and snow-shoeing! Until you are in it, it’s hard to predict how you’ll do.

Currently, it’s still pretty cold and the 10-day forecast shows us in the highs at low 40+/- and lows at 20+/- with snow possible again next weekend. So here we are, dipping our toe in and getting ready to plunge full force into my first New England winter!! Ready or not, here we go!


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