The only way through it

Is through it.

With our new house (new to us) we weighed the option of buying furniture and ALL. THE. STUFF. Or bringing up our own stuff from FL. Numbers were crunched and we opted to bring up our stuff—- Lord knows we have plenty of it—-and fill in the gaps later if needed.

The only way to do that (before we get snowy up here) was to have Hubs fly home and rent a U-Haul and make the slog back north to deliver it to the new-to-us house. Ooof. Beast mode activate.

Flights on Thanksgiving were pretty reasonable, so off he went. Arriving in time to grab a visit and some turkey with his mom and then home to pack the house with our youngest, who is also a beast like her daddy.

Friday morning was load ‘er up and hit the road.

And then. The long drive north. Very long. And very dark and windy for the last leg. The only way to get through it… to go through it. So he did.

And now, we unpack. Paint. Decorate for Christmas. Find homes for everything. And settle in. And start the newest NH chapter.

Swapped out a very light “mint green” for a neutral “shark”. Here I am with my supervisor whilst cutting in on the walls before hitting the baseboards and windows with a high gloss white. Painting. Always satisfying when complete. Never in the middle of it.


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