Currently we are in the end hours of our very first “Nor’easter”. Over the past 24 hours we received over a foot of snow, honestly prob closer to 2 feet (and it is predicted to continue to snow until this evening)— it’s been pretty wild.

Kind of like living in a snow globe. Quite surreal!

The driving has been interesting. Giving myself extra time to get to work. Driving slow. Giving myself internal pep talks, “that’s good, slow and easy, no sudden stops, let’s pull over and give this jackrabbit the chance to pass, okay, you’re doing it, good job”.

It’s also a little freaky/fun when the high beams are on while snowing, it is legit like being in Star Wars, hyper speed! But no Chewy.

Yesterday, I did a mini-vlog on the ‘gram of my drive to work (minus the driving, because I was 10 and 2, white knuckling and praying the Rosary while driving. But before and after videos, so basically the same thing.

this morning I had to be at work at 6am, so I started the process of leaving at 5 (it’s a 15-20 min drive). This gave me time to warm up the car and dig out the massive tree limb, and baby limbs out of the driveway before I left. The digging was made with eyes UP, watching all the trees as they took turns dropping heavy snow and additional limbs around the yard and praying the tree above was done dropping bombs. The stuff you never knew to be concerned about while living in sunny FLA.

I made it to work with 10 minutes to spare.

Looks like more snow today, but not as bad as yesterday.

Hopefully we’ll have power back before I get home. It went off right as I was leaving. Fortunately, I had my coffee already! Priorities!!

A few things I’ve learned thus far for wintering in NH:

  • When parking, leave windshield wipers up so they don’t freeze to the windshield
  • Bring your ice brush/scraper into work so that you can scrape off before opening the door to get into the car
  • Get a bigger brush/scraper
  • Start scraping from the roof down so you don’t keep scraping the same windshield over and over and over. Ask me how I figured that out.
  • Start watching the weather for snow forecast
  • Wear snow boots into work and be like Mr. Rogers and leave your work shoes at work
  • Make sure to have hat and gloves in backpack for car shoveling post-shift
  • Use that Florida tag to your advantage and go slow
  • Take videos of your dog having zoomies in the chest high snow. Sure fire way to cheer up on a blah day, which I hear come later in the winter.
  • Relax a little and enjoy it. It really is quite beautiful! And bright! (We stood on the back porch last night with the lights out and just listened to the snow, watched the moon glow on the snow. Very peaceful. And cold.)


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