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5 Things getting me through the week

Joining in with Hallie  and all the lovelies for the weekly round up of 5 favorites.  Imma make this real quick like because as usual, I am pushing the envelope with time this morning!  Whatever.  Here we go:

  1. PICTURES!!!  Love me some pictures.  Love to see other people’s pictures.  Glimpses of life.  A picture says a thousand words.  So join me Monday for a photo link up…check the details HERE.
  2. Spin Class.  Don’t love the early morning wakey uppy, but sure love the sweat and start to the day!

    Sweaty, blurry.

    Sweaty, blurry.

  3. Our crockpot.  We put this beast through the paces.  This week we’ve been putting it through Paleo paces…have you read Sarah Fragoso’s cookbook….Love it!!!5nmmYSoYbgRUfW8zmvQkXTgiXeINAeUeSd1mlpvbj-o
  4. This coffee.

    Delish.  Just.  DELISH!

    Delish. Just. DELISH!

  5. The Kindle.  Current Book, A Subtle Grace…..well done, Ellen!  Well, done…..almost finished…killing me to put it down at night!!

    Since the girls aren't using it......I am!!

    Since the girls aren’t using it……I am!!