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Leaving evidence….

I came across this article the other day (and reposted it to my FB page) and thought, “Oh, my.  That’s me. ”  Except, Allison Tate wrote it…not me 😉

I HATE having my picture taken.  HATE.  IT.  There is NO picture with me in it that I don’t criticize positively EVERYthing about it.  And therefore, the majority of our family pictures are taken by….moi!

I did realize a few years back that our poor children will have so little photographic memories of me when they are older and that I should make a better effort to get in a few pictures.  And then…..I forget about it.  Or hit delete.  <sigh>

Forever searching for the “right angle” and really, I just need to get over it.  I’m so ridiculously vain sometimes.  I am who I am.  And with 2000+entries of moms in a “slide show” format with this article, obviously there are lots of us who need to “get over it” and get in front of the lens!

Incidentally, we have our family photo scheduled at the end of the month, so I’ll for sure be in that one as well.  IN the meantime…..enjoy these 2 little ditties from our own Photo Booth!  Blessings!

the girls surrounded me with their animals….I’m pretending to be scairt!

Au naturel….goofing with the girls….Photo Booth provides tons of fun with ALL kids!