Ice cubes in the morning….

Ah, who doesn’t love waking in the morning at o’dark hundred?  Especially now, before the time change and it’s dark for a bit longer in the morning and you really want to keep sleeping.

It’s been almost a month now, and with the help of my sister’s annoying daily text message to assure I’m out of bed, I’ve been getting back on the early morning workout track.  In the end it’s best for me.  I can work out at lunch (I have an hour break), but often I use that time for errands.  Technically, I could work out after work, however, my energy level is all but depleted at that time and I simply don’t want to .  So, it’s back to mornings.  I’ve always done better in the mornings and so it comes full circle again….but I do miss sleeping in that comfy bed, all dark and snuggly….

Now my boys have this crazy request in the mornings (mostly one boy, but the other enjoys it from time to time) and that is to be woken up by ice cubes.  For myself, I think someone would get punched…but that’s me.  For him, it’s a sure-fire way to get his rear in gear and a giggle fest for his brother.

Boys.  I just don’t get them.  <sigh>



1 thought on “Ice cubes in the morning….

  1. Tammi

    Ice cubes in the morning? I”m with you, that would not be good for the person on the other end, but whatever works. We all have our things. Just to make you feel better, due to insomnia last night I was actually up and had already run 2 miles when I text you this morning:-) Love you and so happy those wonderful, cheery and oh so witty morning texts are waking you up:-) love you! T



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