The “Duggar-conversation” + 2 Middle school boys=interesting….

Just in case you don’t follow the headlines, the Duggar family just announced they are expecting baby #20.  This is a show we enjoy watching as a family.  I think we are truly fascinated and inspired at how this family lives their lives with such a large brood.  Of course, I’m certain plenty of editing takes place, but for the most part they appear to be a well-rounded family, loving, kind, respectful and living out their faith in spite of what society believes to be the “right” number of children in a family.

Driving my middle-school boys to school the other day, we somehow got on the subject of the Duggar family.  Both boys adamantly believe 20 kids to be “crazy”.  Now, with 4 kiddos in our family, we are larger than average, however, we have several friends with 4 or MORE children and so to us, it’s normal.  It was an interesting conversation on imagining OUR lives to be that of such a large family, to which one boy said, “well, I wouldn’t be changing ANY diapers OR babysitting” and to which the other boy said, “Mom, is this your way of telling us you’re pregnant?”.  In which I respond, “not to my knowledge”…and they both heaved a huge sigh of relief.

I did let them know that if we ever DID (which I canNOT fathom), that YES of course, they would change diapers and babysit.  And they would love it.  And then they proceeded to tell me how THEY would raise that brother (because THEY can’t fathom any more sisters…) in the art of burping, wrestling, running, farting and so on……OH, Lord have mercy on me…..

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