I’m on a roll this week…three posts, WOO HOO!!  Look out, imagine what can will happen when I get my laptop back!!  Or not..I take it as it comes, though I am really working on something for Valentine’s Day, just need to get it from my head to paper/computer and that, my friends, is often a LONG, LONG process!  Let’s wind this week up with the Quick Takes, usually @ Conversion Diary, but since Jen is busy finishing her book…..we’ll move it on over to Betty Beguiles

  1. Week 6 of my making strides towards my healthier goals.  This week came with lots of challenges to the exercise area and my lunch exercise routine wasn’t going to happen this week. at.  all.  Therefore, I did what I had to do.  I hit the gym at o’dark hundred (AKA 515 a.m. ISH) to get my strength work in.  And walks after work this week (2 so far) in addition to my gym time.  Next week will be back on track, but I am patting myself on the back for recognizing what was coming down the line for the week and planning for it. Like to see more of that, I would!
  2. Still no laptop.  You can go back the last couple posts and review whazzup with that, I’d prefer to just move on.  And there are STILL no pics, so carry on with your imagination and all.
  3. Today my phone fell out of my pocket while having lunch with our birthday girl.  Front screen, meet cement.   Screen is now spidery all the way down.  Taped together to keep the glass from slicing my face.  The phone works.  Phew.  That’s the good news.  Now to find a reasonable repair…which I believe my son has a friend who does that. or some guy in some kiosk in the mall.  Whatev.  I’m still pretty growly about it.  GRRRR!!
  4. Our youngest son had his official football weigh-in last night.  The night before our big girl’s 10th birthday!  Talk about a team effort with Hubby.  He and birthday girl had their “date night” and littlest girl and I made the birthday cake and took a walk together.  When they came home we made and ate dinner (minus the boys) and then I picked up Mr. Football from practice (with dinner in hand) and lugged him across town for an 8:30 p.m. weigh in.   Meanwhile, Hubby helped the girls make the school birthday snack and made sure Oldest son ate and everyone showered up.  Somehow at 9:30 we were ALL in bed.  WowZA !!  what a difference having Hubby home!
  5. Tonight we celebrated big girl’s birthday dinner with her choice of dinner:  chicken soft tacos and an appetizer of wings.  BOKKK!!  Followed by our homemade ice cream birthday cake.  See what watching too much Cake Boss will do?  Although, I am NOT ready for fondant yet…but ONE day…maybe just maybe and then look out, Buddy!
  6. Strep throat has been running through the house this week.  1 confirmed.  1 probable.  1 questionable.  1 still clean.  Have I mentioned how awesome Publix is with their FREE antibiotics?  Shout out.  Unpaid.  Grateful!  If I knew how to tweet there would be some ##hash mark thingies in there somewhere.
  7. The big birthday party this weekend is a Mystery party.  So fun.  My friend Lea gave me this idea last year and it was such a hit we hit up Dramatic Fanatic again for a new mystery.  It’s so fun.  We are kicking the boys out.  They  need hair cuts anyway.   Maybe they can go kayaking if it’s not too cold out.  Serving snack-ish foods and cake.  or cupcakes.  still to be determined.  Martha Stewart I am not.  And yet somehow my kids still end up having a good time.  Strange.  And there usually isn’t too much fussing about the lack of goodie bags. <gasp> what?  yes.  I.  HATE.  goodie.  bags.  Said it.  Out loud.  And I tell the kids, “thanks for coming, we don’t do goodie bags”.  Now, I usually DO have a great lollipop or some fun little something they may have made, but that’s it.  Who came up with that concept anyway???  I’d like a word.  Or the ability to pop ’em in the head.  JK,  that’s  not very nice.  maybe just a little pop?

Alrighty then.  That’s our week in a Quick Take.  All out-of-order, but that’s kind of how I roll.  Have a blessed weekend!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!   (for the next few weeks @ Hallie Lord’s blog!)

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