I’m baaaaack….a (semi) photo essay.

To properly welcome back “my Precious” to the blog world, I thought I’d post some pictures from our time away…even though I was still click, click, clicking way with my camera and my phone.

Caught a glimpse the leftovers from a very busy spider one morning on the way out…

We’ve had some amazing weather…

Then we had a super cold morning…here I am walking and completely regretting leaving my hat and gloves at home!

A birthday breakfast for our girl hitting the double digits!

Saw a Mama duck and her babies on a walk around the lake with my girls…

We had wonderful friends come for a visit… (yes, it’s blurry, but really the fact that my clown son was able to get a decent picture in the midst of his hijinks and making us giggle is pretty impressive!)

To be continued on tomorrow’s Quick Takes @ Conversion Diary….

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