Cruising into the weekend.

Wrapping up the week and cruising into the weekend.  Join me and others from around the world @ Conversion Diary and see what everyone’s been up to!  Personally, I am OFF of work today.  Though I am still up at o’dark hundred to get the kids to school.  I’m just looking at it as a jump-start on the day, and a busy day it will be, which always reminds me that “Stay-at-Home-Moms” don’t really stay at home….sometimes I need that reminder, having been away from SAHM for awhile now.

— 1 —

It’s been a crazy, busy week at work this week (another reason to be grateful that my original plans for this weekend fell through and left me with a “Mental Health Day” today, because I really need it.)  Kids in school.  Hubby at work.  Getting the chores done without my sidekicks–which always sounds great but I end up missing them!  Either way, it’s just nice to have a day.

— 2 —

I finished the Hunger Games this week.  I may be in the minority here, but here goes:  I did find it a page turner which made for a quick read, but I have to say the theme of the “Games” was disturbing. Children picked to kill other children with only one winner.  Sad.  The fact that I was flipping the pages so quick made me “one” with the Capitol people who grossed me out.  I just have to decide if I want to go on and read the other two books.  Perhaps Katniss will be instrumental in making changes.  Reminds me of the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  Though quite the mystery and adrenaline producing, the theme overall was too disturbing and I just couldn’t go on the finish the trilogy.

— 3 —

In preparation for watching my friend’s daughter play Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird” next weekend, I am re-reading the book.  It’s been years.  And it’s a pleasure.  It’s making my time on the treadmill and elliptical fly by, that’s for sure!

— 4 —

The advent of Lent.  We have the usual sacrifices going on  here:  No X-box, No ice cream, No candy, No Facebook.  I am counting on the kids to remember who gave up what…however so far, so good.  It usually takes me a few days, but the Facebook shakes are diminishing and I seem to be functioning……

— 5 —

It’s a busy football weekend (double-header tomorrow) and a solo and ensemble performance this evening–all one kid.  The others will get to coast.  So funny how things all happen at one time, feast or famine.  Fortunately, we have Sunday to REST!!

— 6 —

With the visit of our friends last weekend and the death of a co-worker’s father in law this week, I’ve been thinking a lot this week on how important it is to spend time, QUALITY time with our loved ones.  To minimize our shortcomings, to maximize our memories.  We only get one go around, life’s just too short to sweat the small stuff.  I’m just praying I can more quickly discern the small stuff and move on.

— 7 —

Our youngest child has the awful  honor of being the “First” ER visit for the family.  Considering she’s 8 and the youngest of 4, I feel we’ve done a tremendous job so far.  Or have been really lucky.  Either way.  Last week, while our friends were here, the kids were entertaining themselves with a baseball game in the front yard, while we prepared for S’mores in the backyard.  The only problem was when you utilize a metal bat, an exercise ball and a 70 pound child, sometimes the recoil can be brutal on one’s eyebrow.   The silver lining was that it came at the END of a great day with great friends and for a Saturday night, and in-and-out of the ER in under 2 hours was quite impressive.  Dermabond is the BOMB and she’s healing nicely.

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