Quality time

Yesterday was seriously packed full of STUFF!  It started out like any other Saturday with grocery shopping, exercise, etc.  Hubby’s plans to kayak with his buddy fell through and he went solo in the ocean.  When he got home we decided the girls and I would go with him back to the beach so they could kayak, too.  This would take place after lunch and AFTER our son’s haircut appointment.  Our oldest was skating/filming with friends and our youngest was headed to a friend’s house after his haircut, so off we went…the girls and Daddi-O.

Daddy's girls. Be still my heart!

We were racing the impending rain (which finally came at 3:30 a.m.  and kept me up until 4:30!!  WHATEVER!!)  and we actually WON!  The reality is, often it can rain on the mainland, but the ocean breeze will keep the beach dry far longer.  (Little FYI for ya)

Threatening rain....

Our oldest daughter went first and I played football with our youngest.

Heading back in

Then our youngest went out.  On the way in they actually capsized.  Thank heavens for lifevests.  Though for a brief moment I lost sight of our littlest, to which I am certain my heart actually stopped.  And then there they were, swimming in and our oldest daughter running down the beach until she could wrangle the kayak back to the beach.  As they came to shore, our youngest said, “It’s a good thing Dad was a lifeguard, Mom!”  Hubby said she did real well, she didn’t panic, she followed his instructions and both girls are ready to go AGAIN!!  Praise God for a calm Hubby!!

And then we went home and CLEANED!  Woo hoo!!

2 thoughts on “Quality time

  1. Jennifer

    What a coincidence! I am sitting here reading blogs on my way home from the sea where we spent the weekend as a family just having fun together! The water was very very inviting looking but the Atlantic Ocean in the West of Ireland in APRIL…Brrrrr!! The forecast rain stayed away all the same, none of the children can believe it’s only been 2 nights!! The sea is always refreshing!


    1. tracye1 Post author

      Absolutely agree, Jennifer! There is something that renews the soul in spending time in the sand and salty air! Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Blessings!



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