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The piano recital that wasn’t…

Yesterday afternoon my oldest daughter and I went to support her BFF at her first piano recital (we thought).  It was at a local church and her piano teacher is the music director at the church (I think).  As it turned out, the recital was actually a fund raiser for the church with a variety of musical talent performing.    (my friend–mom of daughter’s BFF–was unaware as well).  Either way, after the 2nd act I realized this was a) going to be longer than the 1 hour I told Hubby and b) he was going to have to make pizza for dinner.  Getting all the dinner texting out of the way, my daughter and I settled in to the most wonderful treat of an afternoon.

In addition to her BFF playing piano, only 8 months in and did a lovely job, we were also blessed by the following acts:

A group of 8 women singing in harmony first to a traditional hymn and then led by one of the women singing an African-American gospel “Down in my Soul” that gave me goosebumps to my bones and hands that began clapping on their own.  This youtube video is a good idea of the song, you have to get past the first 2 minutes or so of talking…..

A Rock Band playing LOUD.  playing WELL.  and glorifying God in every note.  The kicker was “I can only imagine”, by MercyMe.  UGH.  That song slays me!!!  My daughter thought it was pretty cool that there were likely some kids that were able to say their grandpas were in a band—since they were about grandpa’s age.

A 93-year old Baritone singing in a lovely and heart stirring DEEP voice in memory of his late wife, supported by his two daughters and wife’s childhood friend.  I felt a tear…

After some technical difficulties and delaying his act a few times, a young man, choreographed and danced to He wants it all.  Not only was the song fantastic, but the young man’s strength, grace and God-glorifying routine was heart stirring.  He had to leave for another performance immediately after his spot, so I was unable to praise him personally (I’ll do it here).  WOW!

A singer/actor, Harry Burney, performed a song he wrote “Changed my Name” hearkening back to Christian slaves and what it means to be Christian.  Not an easy road.  But one taken trusting that Jesus will guide each step of the way.  Spectacular.  Riveting.

A trumpeting missionary, in which I had to actually get up to make sure it was truly a trumpet, it was played so softly and gently, accompanied by the piano, I swear I could hear it sing!

A legally blind pianist playing first classical, “Rhapsody in Blue” and followed up by “I love being here with you” joined in by the band….in B flat, the bridge in D.  She was a hoot!!

A mime.  At this point, my daughter moved from our seats in the last row to join her friend in the front row because her friend was a afraid of clowns.  Please.  She knew what she was doing.  Front and center.  And that guy was mind-blowing.  I thanked him after the show, to which his reply, “To God be the glory”.  And yes.  It was!  Who knew?!?!?

A group jam to “Shackles” finished up the afternoon and I felt like not only did I start my day with the Lord at Mass, I finished it up with an eclectic group of people sharing in their gifts and talents to further worshipping and glorifying God in spite of this world, it’s trials and tribulations.  His goodness and mercy reign.

I can’t think of a better way to end the day with my sweet girl.

Quality time

Yesterday was seriously packed full of STUFF!  It started out like any other Saturday with grocery shopping, exercise, etc.  Hubby’s plans to kayak with his buddy fell through and he went solo in the ocean.  When he got home we decided the girls and I would go with him back to the beach so they could kayak, too.  This would take place after lunch and AFTER our son’s haircut appointment.  Our oldest was skating/filming with friends and our youngest was headed to a friend’s house after his haircut, so off we went…the girls and Daddi-O.

Daddy's girls. Be still my heart!

We were racing the impending rain (which finally came at 3:30 a.m.  and kept me up until 4:30!!  WHATEVER!!)  and we actually WON!  The reality is, often it can rain on the mainland, but the ocean breeze will keep the beach dry far longer.  (Little FYI for ya)

Threatening rain....

Our oldest daughter went first and I played football with our youngest.

Heading back in

Then our youngest went out.  On the way in they actually capsized.  Thank heavens for lifevests.  Though for a brief moment I lost sight of our littlest, to which I am certain my heart actually stopped.  And then there they were, swimming in and our oldest daughter running down the beach until she could wrangle the kayak back to the beach.  As they came to shore, our youngest said, “It’s a good thing Dad was a lifeguard, Mom!”  Hubby said she did real well, she didn’t panic, she followed his instructions and both girls are ready to go AGAIN!!  Praise God for a calm Hubby!!

And then we went home and CLEANED!  Woo hoo!!