Funky, family Friday

Day off from work and spent (mostly) with family @ the beach….

Hubby and my cousin went kayaking in the ocean–unfortunately all the pics were on my COUSIN’S phone since he had never done anything like that before and wanted some documentation!

Little cousins swimming in the pool and the ocean…they were raisins at the end of the day.  Raisins that went right to sleep!

Girlfriends (sister and her friends) celebrating a girl’s weekend and early celebration of my sister’s 40th Birthday…oh, did I mention that yesterday?!?!  Let’s just say…I think those girls might need some aloe lotion and Tylenol this morning, but they sure were having fun!

We enjoyed some s’mores last night and had a little visitor inspecting our tomatoes! Lovely spring!

And today and tonight it’s all about dance recital!  On your mark, get set, GO!

Happy Saturday!

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