Friday and I get to play “hooky”..

Once again, it’s Friday and I’m recapping the week with Jennifer Fulwiler @ Conversion Diary and all her peeps.  It’s a good way to summarize the week and since I’m “blogging everyday in May” it fills another post!  So head over to Conversion Diary and check out everyone’s week and our little group as well to see what’s happenin’:








— 1 —

There’s been a lot of cake and goodies around here this week.  Mother’s Day, my birthday.  YIKES!  At least I’ve been staying on my workout schedule and this week I’ve integrated the app myfitnesspal on my iPhone to help keep me accountable as I head into my Clean Eating next week.  Why next week?  Well, my mom’s here this week and my sis and her pals come in today, so I’m just being realistic…

— 2 —

Today I’ll actually have some time to look over the Clean Eating and pre-plan the week.  That really is the key, the planning.  I already do it for dinners for the week, I just need to apply it to my other meals so I don’t get in a rut.  That’s the problem when I don’t plan, I just get in a rut, get bored and boom–I’m done.  Besides, we also have our Anniversary coming up (18 years…holy cow, how did THAT happen?!?!), Hubby’s bday, our youngest daughter’s bday, Father’s Day.  Guess those will be my “cheat” days 😉

— 3 —

We were able to get our mini-tape adapter to work and watch old home videos in our VHS (remember those?) player this last week.  Oh, it’s sooooo funny to see how little the kids were and how our family changed as each kiddo entered in and rearranged the dynamics.  Again.  And a reminder (again) of how quickly time flies.  And that I just didn’t enjoy those years enough.

— 4 —

Our youngest daughter’s dance recital is this weekend.  Tomorrow will be a busy day.  All the more to enjoy today!!  She’s excited.  So are we. (happy to watch the final product and happy to be done with dance for a while!!)   With our family in town, she’ll have quite the cheering section!

— 5 —

The boys finished up their Faith Formation (Religious Ed, CCD…whatever you refer to it as, I can’t keep up with all the name changes..goodness!) and it worked out pretty well to homeschool them this year.  It’s been a fabulous transition year back to “normal” for all of us and as the boys are fully engaged in puberty and getting too “cool” for church, it was a help to be able to do this with them one-on-one.  We haven’t broken the “coolness” factor yet, but I imagine that will be a few more years, so we’ll just continue on and pray that we’ve built the foundation for them to always return to.

— 6 —

We FINALLY got some much needed rain this week.  Boy is our little garden happy!!  So is our lawn. Amazing how quickly the plants green up with a little rain!

— 7 —

Time to get these kiddos up and rocking since they have school today (snicker, snicker) and I can get to the gym before I go visit with my Mama and my aunt and my cousin and his daughter and wait for my sister.  Get all that?  Have a great day and a blessed weekend!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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