3-Day Weekend? Bring it!!

I enjoyed a lovely day yesterday in spite of working on my birthday.  Hubby and the kids were super sweet and attentive to the Queen (as it should be, right?).  My Facebook, text and voicemail was full of well wishes and serenades from family and friends, quite entertaining!!  My work peeps treated me to a phenomenal fruit bouquet, mini-cupcakes and Jimmy John’s subs and chips for lunch.  It was perfect!  Back at the ranch, amid evening rain my mom and aunt joined us for pizza and salad and birthday cake.  Not to mention a raucous round of “Happy Birthday, cha-cha-cha” by the kids..I should have gotten it on video!!  God is good, I have been blessed with an awesome family and friends.

I must say, it was a treat to be completely taken care of and Hubby did a great job with the cake (although a 1/4 of a sheet was a BIT much for our family, my work people will be pleased this a.m.!) and presents (New PJ’s, my watch fixed and roses–nice touch!!).

Today I will trudge forward and put in my eight hours and then enjoy the day off tomorrow (starting my 3 day weekend) with my mom and sis celebrating my birthday (again) and my little sister’s big   4-0 (a little bit early!).  Should be a fun time; my sister is bringing a couple of girlfriends and my cousin and his daughter came in late last night so we’ll have a whole slew of people making a racket down on the beach!!

Since my mom took the girls with her last night for a sleepover and beach day today (shhhhh, they are playing hooky from school!), the boys and I are having a quiet morning…which means, I should get my booty in gear, this is where I tend to get lazy and then end up rushing and practically running late!!  Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow with “7 Quick Takes”!

Enjoy the day and check out the other May bloggers!!








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