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Martha, your enterprise is safe. For now….

Our youngest turned 9 last week and since I had the day off for her birthday, I agreed to make the cake she requested:  Red velvet with cream cheese icing AND chocolate with chocolate icing….layered up.  OK.  No prob.  I am sure her vision was something like this:

OK, maybe we watch too much Cake Boss….besides she knows me too well. I don’t even have a tiny square pan like the top layer!!

**image by yumsugar.com

More likely, her visions were of this type of cake…(just imagine some chocolate layers between the red velvet….)

I actually HAVE made a few layered numbers sorta, kinda similar to this. Really. I just can’t find the pictures right now…..
Image by southernliving.com

Off to Publix I went.  And lo and freaking behold, there was not ONE red velvet cake mix.  WTHeck!??!  So, I went on my phone, pulled up a recipe (which took FOREVAH–the signal is lousy in that store!) and procured the ingredients.  Confident of my preparations and time frame, back home I went.

Turns out, between the two cake batters I had enough for cupcakes, too!  BONUS!  This was going to be a spectacular cake.

When I began to smell burning cake (8 minutes before the timer went off) I quickly removed the pans and checked for done-ness.  With the exception of one pan, everything was ready.

The problem was that the red velvet layer cooked too quickly on the bottom.  So I brought out my serrated knife to cut off that portion.  The cake itself was moist and lovely, hence…the darn thing began to crumble as I cut off the burnt portion.

Crumble-palooza, Summer 2012!!

The issues continued as the second pan didn’t QUITE come out intact (apparently I missed a spot with the spray…)

I decided on making the best of it.  I cut the red velvet layer in two, turned it upside down and began to frost.  Then layering with the chocolate layer and “gluing” it together with frosting–there is no such thing as too much frosting, by the way.  Topped it with the red velvet layer and then used cupcakes to hold the darn thing together and up (as for some reason it was now leaning to the side…).

As I surveyed the damage final result, I pondered running back to Publix and purchasing one of their ready-to-go FANCY SCHMANCY cakes, but my husband said, “it will still taste OK.”

As our daughter arrived home from VBS, I Happy birthday-ed her to death, oohed and ahhed over her 9-year-old self and buttered her up for the sell.  She paused as she took in the confectionary conundrum, listened to her sister as she assisted in the sell (God LOVE that girl!!!) and turned with the biggest smile ever, “That is so COOL!!!”.  Phew.  Crisis averted.

**on a side note, my girlfriend recently revealed to me that she often enjoys “Cake in a bag”, the result of an ALMOST  thrown away iced cake (can you even IMAGINE such a travesty!?!?!) and that yes, indeed, even if it looks awful, it DOES still taste good.  I was clinging to that hope.

So. For now.  Martha Stewart has nothing to fear.  Give me time and perhaps a little patience, attention to detail and a concern about what other people think…..and look out.  So, until then….VOILA!

ZEE Masterpiece, non?

Throw a bunch of candles on it and there you go! Smiles!!

The leftover carnage….and yes, it was AWESOME! (especially the red velvet part)

To recreate this baking WONDER, I pulled the Red Velvet recipe from HERE.  As for the rest.  Any chocolate cake mix.  And throw all your cares out the window and let ‘er rip!  Bon Appetit!!

Galations 5:22 -23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

3-Day Weekend? Bring it!!

I enjoyed a lovely day yesterday in spite of working on my birthday.  Hubby and the kids were super sweet and attentive to the Queen (as it should be, right?).  My Facebook, text and voicemail was full of well wishes and serenades from family and friends, quite entertaining!!  My work peeps treated me to a phenomenal fruit bouquet, mini-cupcakes and Jimmy John’s subs and chips for lunch.  It was perfect!  Back at the ranch, amid evening rain my mom and aunt joined us for pizza and salad and birthday cake.  Not to mention a raucous round of “Happy Birthday, cha-cha-cha” by the kids..I should have gotten it on video!!  God is good, I have been blessed with an awesome family and friends.

I must say, it was a treat to be completely taken care of and Hubby did a great job with the cake (although a 1/4 of a sheet was a BIT much for our family, my work people will be pleased this a.m.!) and presents (New PJ’s, my watch fixed and roses–nice touch!!).

Today I will trudge forward and put in my eight hours and then enjoy the day off tomorrow (starting my 3 day weekend) with my mom and sis celebrating my birthday (again) and my little sister’s big   4-0 (a little bit early!).  Should be a fun time; my sister is bringing a couple of girlfriends and my cousin and his daughter came in late last night so we’ll have a whole slew of people making a racket down on the beach!!

Since my mom took the girls with her last night for a sleepover and beach day today (shhhhh, they are playing hooky from school!), the boys and I are having a quiet morning…which means, I should get my booty in gear, this is where I tend to get lazy and then end up rushing and practically running late!!  Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow with “7 Quick Takes”!

Enjoy the day and check out the other May bloggers!!