Let the serenading begin!

Today is my birthday…..dah, dah, dah, dah,dah, dah!  Though I’m announcing it through my blog, be assured I generally prefer to have the spotlight on me, though I DO enjoy making a big deal out of everyone else’s birthday.  However, this year with our family whole again (almost a YEAR!) I have had the blessings of a lovely Mother’s day, pampered and loved by my family and now today Hubby and the kids have planned my birthday all week….(I’ve seen whisperings and have been asked to leave a conversation or two…) and I have to say it’s pretty nice being the birthday princess Queen!

Now, I’ll just have to endure the “hilarious” comments from our youngest son who can’t seem to ever get enough of reminding us of how OLD we are.  I’ll get that whippersnapper….

So, it’s off to work I go.  Fun times.  Good food.  Sweet friends.  And Friday I am taking the day off and chillin’ on the beach with my mom and my sis and my aunt while the kids are at school and the Hubby is working.

Enjoy the day and check out the other May bloggers!!








**images via:  Happyhints.com and Thesocietywoman.com

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