Friday. Yay, but I’m so confused

Joining in @ Conversion Diary (you should go see what everyone’s up to…..) AND Hallie Lord for a fun song link up today (check ’em out!).

1.  It’s Friday.  We had a day off on Wednesday to celebrate the 4th.  Work 2 days.  Off 1.  Work 2 days.  Off 2.  Is the next pattern work 2 days, off 3???  I’m so confused….and happy to have 2 days off to contemplate this.

2.  Our 4th was a ridicuLOUSly full day.  And fun.  Beach all morning until about 2.  And then over to join my step-dad and siblings for pool and slide fun and BBQ.  I’ll just go ahead and say it.  We didn’t make the fireworks.

3.  I highly recommend hitting Canaveral National Seashore if you every get the chance. It’s awesome!!

4.  I made this delish little number for the 4th.  ‘Twas a hit.  My mom used to make it for us.  Now don’t go ragging on my authenticity of the flag…the fresh strawberries were eaten during the week, so I was working with frozen and wasn’t putting 50 strawberries on the cake!!  In one corner!!  Afterward, I realized I should have used the blueberries for the stars and the strawberries for the stripes! DURH!!!  Whatev…no one eating it complained..

5.  Summer is in full swing.  We’ve got summer camp for the girls.  Lawn mowing and skating and Xbox for the boys.  Ice cream in the freezer and our beach bag in regular use.  Life is good!

6.  Gym day 3 today.  Next week will be my last at this boot camp.  The workout is phenomenal (if you like near-vomit and passing out), but the time (7:30p.m.) just doesn’t do it for me.  So, time to revamp my schedule…keep my muscles guessing 🙂

7.  Finally wrapping up the week and Quick Takes with Hubby and I’s “Song” for the lovesong link up @ Hallie Lord’s fashionable blog….Robert Plant….”Sea of Love”…what’s yours???

Happy Weekend Y’all!!

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