Switching it up…again

“They” say that the more you change it up in exercise routines the better result you get, what with muscle confusion and all.  Phew.  Because I am ALWAYS changing my routine and trying something new.  True, I have my regular lunch routine but the rest of it is always mixed up.  None of this is because I want to stay trendy, mainly because I get bored.  Often, it is a result of the kids and their schedules.  No matter the reason, every few weeks I am off to something “new”.

This week marks the return of the dreaded early a.m. workout.  Now, it positively BITES to get out of bed @ 4:45 a.m., but there is not denying that I am an early morning workout person.  Period.  End.  When I workout in the morning, I am more focused on the rest of the morning and tend to make better decisions (nutritionally speaking) throughout the day.  It’s a win-win.  The difference with this a.m. routine is that it is Monday through Friday rather than a few days during the week.  Next week I am considering another boot camp, however, this one is offered at 5 a.m.  ish.  It’s a 3-week deal.  I’m still considering it.  It won’t work long-term, especially when school starts back up, but definitely a good mixer upper.

The best thing, I find, about shaking up my routine is that it feels fresh again and motivates me to keep going.

I also find great stories like THIS @ Socially Fit to remind me that procrastination is not helping me.  Or THIS @ L-Jay Health to encourage me to add new ingredients to my menu.  Or THIS @ Peak 313 Fitness to try new moves.  And stories like THIS @ Eat Clean Diet to remind me we ALL have the power to change, but we have to WANT to and we have to put in the SWEAT equity to get there.  No one is going to show up for us.  Even if they do, it’s not going to do anything to help US.

What about you?  Do you mix it up.  Or is it same old same old?  Morning or afternoon?  What motivates you?

Have a great day!

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