Lazy cat

Having never owned a cat before, the last few months have been interesting.  Lots of figuring out on both sides.  However, amusement at our little feline’s expense is never-ending.  One thing we never tire of is his sloth-ness.  Cats TRULY do sleep alot.  Apparently chasing and eating chamelons takes quite a bit of effort, as does stalking birds and rooting around in the stickly bushes in order to tramp half the sticks into the house on the fluffy tail.

Morning coffee time—he only likes to sniff it, promise.

So confident that no one is going to mess with him….


and again…

loves the backpack!

claws out….stop with photos already!!

4 thoughts on “Lazy cat

  1. pamasaurus

    He is adorable!!

    My cats sleep all the time, too. They’ll be ZOMG crazy for a half hour, then sleep for three. It’s hard work being a cat 😉



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