Watermarks…a work in progress!

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now….watermark my pictures.  Not because I think I’ll be wildly famous someday, but I WOULD like some credit if my images are used anywhere, so I am in the throes of figuring out this watermark deal.  I’m starting with JetPhoto a free download and going from there.  Needs some tweaking….I really only want my words, not the white background on it, but it’s a start!  I’m not opposed to paying (a small fee) for an app, this IS just a family hobby, but it’s got to be worth my $$$$ so for now, that would be FREE.  The rest is just trial and error and education….so feel free to chime in on YOUR watermark techniques photo peeps!

2 thoughts on “Watermarks…a work in progress!

  1. Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly

    To watermark my pictures I just write my blog posts with Windows Live Writer. When you insert a picture you can do minor adjustments to it, like cropping, small color adjustments, rotating, and watermarking! You type in the text you want, choose the font & size, and position you want the watermark placed! Easy peasy!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Walk and posting our button on your blog!! You are the bee’s knees! 🙂



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